Building Construction

Building construction is one of our major focus areas. G.N. Group & Company has completed numerous projects in different locations across India. Our in-depth engineering knowledge, competence and immense technical expertise enabled us to deliver end-to-end building construction solution.

Our Building Construction contract starts with comprehensive project management planning that involve the following considerations:

  • Time assessment for estimated time of completion
  • A master plan that involves the overall project execution methodology
  • Design development and structure drawings
  • Feasibility study involving the analysis of seismic zone, soil type, and other prerequisites
  • Requisite permission from competent government authorities
  • Choice of technology and testing of material
  • Project monitoring and mandatory assessment of work quality
  • Environmental concerns
  • Final project audit

We mainly design and construct hospitals, schools, institutes, colleges, universities, ITI polytechnics, divisional or sub-divisional blocks, etc. Keeping quality at the forefront, the professionals at G.N. Group & Company work in a deadline-driven environment to earn delight of customers.