Canal Construction

Building canals is a complex task as it involves complexities that require an expert's hand to deal with. G.N. Group & Company has acquired the expertise through various successful projects for state irrigation departments in North India. We have completed several projects for Haryana, Uttrakhand, and Uttar Pradesh irrigation departments.

For doing the canal projects, our team conducts feasibility study and make a proper assessment of the course of the canal. This may include:

  • Ideal slope of canal from the originating place
  • Keeping a proper alignment of the canal so that maximum areas can be covered for irrigation purpose
  • Proper depth in accordance with the water source
  • Ensuring appropriate navigation and flow of water

We are capable of constructing all types of canals that can be used for water supply for municipal use, human consumption, crop irrigation, and hydro power canals. With our immense expertise we can provide complete water supply solution for irrigation.