DAM Construction

G.N. Group & Company is a name to trust for impressive quality dam construction projects. Till date we have constructed a number of dams for hydel power projects in Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Constructing a dam demands immense engineering expertise since it brings safety hazards for the people or villages nearby. Often a faulty designed and commissioned dam results in human catastrophe. Therefore, we put high emphasise on safety and develop designs of the dams in accordance with safety regulations.

Our pool of talented architects and civil draughtsmen are the force behind our competence in dam construction.

Some of the fundamental areas that we pay attention to in dam construction are as given below:

  • Construction schedule safety programme
  • Quality assurance
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental measures
  • Care and division of water
  • Dewatering foundations and borrow areas
  • Material testing
  • Concrete placement
  • Construction contract plans and specifications
  • Laboratory test data
  • Regular site inspection

Our Quality Assurance programme includes a number of activities in order to ensure compliance with all the construction norms as stipulated by competent authorities.